She is a painter and artisan jewelry designer from Hungary


She graduated in art in 1993 from the prestigious Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, where she studied textile and fashion design, and in 1997 she obtained a master's degree there. She later turned to interior design and earned a master's degree.

She began to feel that the applied genre gave relatively little space for maneuver to the individual's manifestations, so she began to take the practice of painting more seriously a few years ago. For her, the narrative of self-expression manifested itself in painting, but she did not completely let go of the world of design, she designs jewelry and fashion accessories. 

Jewelry making

For me, jewelry making is a meditative hobby that forms a bridge between myself as a former fashion designer and the present. This activity of mine is a kind of pleasure and recreation, and I believe that my handmade jewelry will find its owners who have similar values ​​and vision to art as myself. 

In the craft shop, you can see her own designed and handmade jewelry and fashion accessories. 


Kitti studied painting technique, professional and theoretical studies in the studio of Csaba Kis Róka, an internationally renowned painter. Since 2020, She has participated in many Hungarian and international exhibitions, festivals, and art markets.

At the heart of her painting program is people. It reflects on social and sociological differences, environmental and cultural phenomena.

At first, she dissected the factors influencing the development of personality, the system of socialization and human interactions. She sought to pinpoint the factors affecting the psyche, which resulted in expressive figurative painting solutions.

More recently, the criteria for the narrative depiction of people She has designated have begun to blur, and increasingly indicative, abstract painting elements appear in her paintings. Her theme is characterized by the same figural, people-centered approach, but the picturesque mode of expression is beginning to change direction in a reduced, more abstract, direction.

I am looking for the frontier in a world without physical characteristics, where, moving away from classical modes of representation, the abstract form still retains its figurative, human character.

She mostly uses oil paint and acrylic as her painting medium. It also strives for simplicity in material handling. She does not use thick, impasto layers, it builds its images from thinner or glazed layers, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by possible optical color mixing.

In painting mode, the figures are easy to fill in, usually in few colors, following the formal directions, most of the time it captures a more dynamic, inter-movement state.

Ars Longa Project

In 2020, she created the Ars Longa Project, a non-profit arts organization. The aim of the Project is to provide support to early-stage painters who started painting later in their lives. They are painters who have an elevated level of professionalism but do not belong to young emerging artists, but they are not able to join mature artists of a similar age as they are career starters. We want to help them with exhibition opportunities, selling and promoting their works. 


Lacuna Festival 2022. -Canaries, Spain

Hungarikon 2022. - Budapest, Hungary

III. International Digital Triennial 2021.- Szekszárd, Hungary

Lacuna Festival 2021. -Canaries, Spain

36. Spring Exhibition 2021. - Salgótarján Dornyay Béla Museum

Hungarian Circus Art Museum Collection - Visegrád Artship Event 2021

Art Camp Butterfly Effect 2021.- Visegrád, Hungary

Godot Art Fair 2020. - Godot Institute of Contemporary Art, Budapest

Autumn Exhibition 2020 - Rómer Flóris Museum of Art and History, Győr

Genius loci - Fine Art Exhibition Óbuda 2020.- Gallery Umbrella, Budapest

Winter Exhibition 2020. - Gallery Miskolc, Miskolc

Women's (un)Realities 2020 - Gallery MAX, Budapest

XpatLoop Charity Auction to benefit UNICEF Hungary and Young People in Need Non-Profit Org. 2018 - Budapest